The magnetic impulse cavitation reactor (processor) ROTON is the result of recent scientific achievements of the novel sciences – physicochemical mechanics and sonochemistry. The machine operates on the hydrodynamic impulse-resonance cavitation basis. The cavitation reactor was designed on the principle of processed liquids in countercurrent flows rotating in magnet field, it creates highly effective cavitation in the cavitation chamber. Unlike conventional methods of creating cavitation with ultrasonic transmitters, ROTON performs the cavitation processing with the predefined parameters of any liquids in the flow (continuous inline processing). There are no other analogous devices which provide such quality homogenization, deep extraction and capacity combined with low energy consumption.

The cavitation reactor ROTON can process liquids of viscosity up to 200 cSt, any combinations of different liquids and liquid containing solids such as seeds, fruit pits, eggshells, milled plants and herbs, small unshelled crustacean etc.

Some applications of the cavitation reactor ROTON:

Ethanol extraction of oil from vegetable and animal raw materials

  • Alcohol extraction of oil from medical plants (cannabis).

CBD oil is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. CBD oil obtained by cavitation extraction in ethyl alcohol is absorbed by human organism more effectively and accordingly it has a major medical potential.

  • Alcohol extraction from natural oak for cognac products manufacturing.

The cavitation processing of specially prepared oak chips for cognac production increases the efficiency and level of oak extraction into cognac spirit a dozen times. This eventually results in the product with improved organoleptic properties obtained in a shorter period of time.

  • Krill oil ethanol extraction.

The cavitation extraction of krill oil with ethanol allows extracting the health-promoting components to the maximum without toxic solvents (like hexane or other).

High production non-waste manufacturing of juices, purees, pastes etc. Our technology allows the processing of unpeeled fruit and vegetables, for example tomatoes or citrus fruitsat the microlevel. The source products are processed without air presence preserving all components of chemical composition of fruit and vegetables including insoluble fiber, hemicelluloses, protopectin, fat-soluble pigments. Due to complete preservation of all microbiologic elements, pulpy juices are more useful for human organism than clarified juices.

Water (reagent-free) extraction of humin The variable chemical composition of humin obtained by conventional method, the residues of chemically synthesized reagents in them are the reasons of their unstable effect in the field environment. During processing of the all raw material in the reactor ROTON simultaneously dispergation, extraction, dissolving, disintegration of cell structures, cellulose destruction occur, that results in the efficiency of the ready product without chemical reagents usage.

Production of liquid complex fertilizers.

Processing of winemaking waste (grape skins and seeds).

Pasteurization and homogenization of milk, juices, beverages etc.

Technical parameters

Rated power, KW
Maximal* capacity, liters per hour
Nominal** capacity, liters per hour

* Maximal capacity – permissible value of flow of liquid which passes through the reactor where the minimum cavitation processing of liquid is sufficient for most of emulsification, dispergation, extraction tasks occurs.

** Nominal capacity – flow of liquid passing through the reactor by which the effective cavitation processing is generated to perform the complex technological tasks: emulsification on molecular level, dispergation of solids in a liquid, maximal extraction with food solvents (water, ethanol, oil). The reduction of flow results in increase of cavitation processing time with simultaneous heating of processed liquid, that allows the performance of the special production tasks.