In view of a high demand for small-scale automatic machines our company has started to produce the advanced model for professional use – Biodiesel-MINI Pro.

Biodiesel-MINI Pro

New design. New software. More accurate, more productive, more reliable. All mechanisms have European ATEX explosion proof certificate.

The Biodiesel-MINI Pro system is aimed at a wide range of users such as small companies, municipalities, farms and even at domestic use. To operate the system no specific skills and qualification are needed. Being easy to use Biodiesel-MINI Pro ensures reliable operation. The plants can produce up to 100 liters of biodiesel per hour (more than 2 cubic meters per day). The base of this innovative system is the cavitation magnetic-impulse reactor PULSAR-CT 805, which provides a fundamentally new technology of the transesterification reaction conducting. Magnetic-impulse high-frequency cavitation processing proceeds in the reactor on molecular level.

The major advantages of the systems are:

  • The Biodiesel-MINI Pro system does not demand high quality initial oil or animal fat. The high-frequency magnetic-impulse cavitation reactors offer successful and steady operation using waste cooking oil from restaurants and bakeries, tallow, pork or chicken fat as well as mixtures of those as the source product. For any change of source oil or fat no special plant adjustments are needed.
  • The required amount of alcohol and catalyst is minimal. Alcohol recovery is not required. By cavitation technology the amount of alcohol for the reaction matches accurately the stoichiometric composition, that is the minimum volume.
  • The time of ready biodiesel production reduces by several times. By the conventional technology it is impossible to immediately produce biodiesel of proper quality. It must be washed with water to eliminate impurities and then dried to remove water from biodiesel which requires additional time, as well as additional power and money for the biodiesel production. By cavitation method of biodiesel production neither washing nor drying of ready product is required.
  • All processes, including the initial products feeding, dosing, mixing, processing and filling of the separation tank, are fully automated. Due to the exclusion of the “human factor” and, therefore, the improvement of accuracy and stability of the initial products dosing the significant increase of the total capacity has been achieved.
  • The quality, reliability and safety of our equipment is guaranteed by using the components with ATEX explosion protection certificates of the world’s leading manufacturers: Schneider Electric; Kobold; Tapflo and others.

Biodiesel-MINI Pro has two working modes.

One-cycle mode. An operator presses Start button. Dosing, mixing and processing of the three initial components are carried out automatically.When processing is finished, the processed mixture is pumped to the separation tank automatically and the controller turns off the system. The processing cycle is finished. To start a new processing cycle an operator should press the Start button again. One production cycle needs 40 kilograms of oil or animal fat with corresponding amount of alcohol and catalyst.

Multi-cycle mode. An operator should use one big separation tank (or several smaller tanks), which total volume should be equal to quantity of cycles multiplied by 60 litters (the basic separation tank working volume for one-cycle mode). An operator can change the number of cycles from 2 to 50. When the quantity of cycles is set, an operator presses the Start button on the control panel. The system processes three initial components the same way as in One-cycle mode. When one processing cycle is finished the system starts next cycle automatically – without the operator’s participation. After the last cycle is finished the controller stops the system. In this mode Biodiesel-MINI Pro can work continuously twenty four hours a day. Using Biodiesel-MINI Pro in this mode one can produce up to 800 liters of biodiesel per shift (8 hours).

Glycerin settling out. Depending on properties of source oil the settling process takes up to 60 minutes to separate the processed mixture into biodiesel and glycerin. After the separation of biodiesel and glycerol is completed, both products are discharged to the storage tanks and the separation tank is ready to receive the next charge of processed mixture.


  1. Electric enclosure with Weight controller and Smart relay
  2. Automatic dosing system
  3. Pumping station
  4. Circulating system
  5. Cavitation reactor PULSAR-CT 805
  6. Separation tank. Material – Heavy-duty polypropylene, 77 liters.

Technical parameters

Capacity (maximum), liters per shift (8 hours)/ per day
800 / 24000
Rated power, kW
Weight, kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H), mm
Operating conditions
Processing efficiency, kW hour/liter (max)
 Automatic mode

For production lines of higher capacity we offer our fully automatic model BIOTRON-CT 150